Title Category Author Hits
‘Health equity through action on the social determinants of health’: taking up the challenge in nursing Equity - UHC L. Reutter and K. E. Kushner 1195
A glossary for health inequalities Equity - UHC I. Kawachi, S. V. Subramanian and N. Almeida-Filho 1695
A welfare economics foundation for health inequality measurement Equity - UHC H. Bleichrodt and E. van Doorslaer 1628
Ability to pay and equity in access to Italian and British National Health Services Equity - UHC G. Domenighetti, P. Vineis, C. De Pietro and A. Tomada 1421
Abolition of user fees: the Uganda paradox Equity - UHC J. Nabyonga Orem, F. Mugisha, C. Kirunga, J. Macq and B. Criel 1422
Accelerating health equity: the key role of universal health coverage in the Sustainable Development Goals Equity - UHC V. Tangcharoensathien, A. Mills and T. Palu 1366
Achieving equity within universal health coverage: a narrative review of progress and resources for measuring success Equity - UHC A. Rodney and P. Hill 1267
Achieving health equity for all Equity - UHC A. Maryon-Davis 1515
Achieving health equity: from root causes to fair outcomes Equity - UHC M. Marmot 1958
Achieving universal health coverage in low-income settings Equity - UHC J. D. Sachs 1536
Addressing health systems strengthening through an health equity lens Equity - UHC M. Chopra 1088
Addressing inequities in access to primary health care: lessons for the training of health care professionals from a regional medical school Equity - UHC S. Larkins, T. Sen Gupta, R. Evans, R. Murray and R. Preston 991
Addressing inequity to achieve the maternal and child health millennium development goals: looking beyond averages Equity - UHC G. Ruhago, F. Ngalesoni and O. Norheim 1636
Addressing Social Determinants of Health Inequities: Learning From Doing Equity - UHC E. A. Baker, M. M. Metzler and S. Galea 878
Advancing Health Care Equity through Improved Data Collection Equity - UHC J. S. Weissman and R. Hasnain-Wynia 1148
Advancing primary care to promote equitable health: implications for China Equity - UHC L.-M. Hung, S. Rane, J. Tsai and L. Shi 1096
An assessment of opportunities and challenges for public sector involvement in the maternal health voucher program in Uganda Equity - UHC J. Okal, L. Kanya, F. Obare, R. Njuki, T. Abuya, T. Bange, C. Warren, I. Askew and B. Bellows 1008
Applying an equity lens to child health and mortality: more of the same is not enough Equity - UHC C. G. Victora, A. Wagstaff, J. A. Schellenberg, D. Gwatkin, M. Claeson and J.-P. Habicht 1300
Are community midwives addressing the inequities in access to skilled birth attendance in Punjab, Pakistan? Gender, class and social exclusion Equity - UHC Z. Mumtaz, B. O'Brien, A. Bhatti and G. Jhangri 1089
Are social franchises contributing to universal access to reproductive health services in low-income countries? Equity - UHC T. K. Sundari Ravindran and S. Fonn 1635
Are user charges efficiency- and equity-enhancing? A critical review of economic literature with particular reference to experience from developing countries Equity - UHC A. Sepehri and R. Chernomas 1121
Assessing equity in health care through the national health insurance schemes of Nigeria and Ghana: a review-based comparative analysis Equity - UHC I. A. Odeyemi and J. Nixon 1126
Assessment of equity in healthcare financing in Fiji and Timor-Leste: a study protocol Equity - UHC A. D. Asante, J. Price, A. Hayen, W. Irava, J. Martins, L. Guinness, J. E. Ataguba, S. Limwattananon, A. Mills, S. Jan and V. Wiseman 1245
Cameroon public health sector: shortage and inequalities in geographic distribution of health personnel Equity - UHC T. Tandi, Y. Cho, A. Akam, C. Afoh, S. Ryu, M. Choi, K. Kim and J. Choi 950
Can community level interventions have an impact on equity and utilization of maternal health care - Evidence from rural Bangladesh Equity - UHC Z. Quayyum, M. N. U. Khan, T. Quayyum, H. Nasreen, M. Chowdhury and T. Ensor 1023
Can health equity become a reality? Equity - UHC The Lancet 1276
Can universal coverage eliminate health disparities? Reversal of disparate injury outcomes in elderly insured minorities Equity - UHC M. Ramirez, D. C. Chang, S. O. Rogers, P. T. Yu, M. Easterlin, R. Coimbra and L. Kobayashi 1141
Changes in addressing inequalities in access to hospital care in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states of India: a difference-in-differences study using repeated cross-sectional surveys Equity - UHC M. Rao, A. Katyal, P. V. Singh, A. Samarth, S. Bergkvist, M. Kancharla, A. Wagstaff, G. Netuveli and A. Renton 756
Chapter Sixteen - Equity in Health and Health Care Equity - UHC M. Fleurbaey and E. Schokkaert 1193
Child health inequities in developing countries: differences across urban and rural areas Equity - UHC J.-C. Fotso 1084

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