Title Category Author Hits
Lack of access to health care for African indigents: a social exclusion perspective Access - UHC W. Soors, F. Dkhimi and B. Criel 1655
Lessons in Resilience: Creating Stability and Universal Access to Care in Rwanda’s Health System | Management Sciences for Health Access - UHC P. Rugumire 1653
Life or Death Gamble to Access Healthcare in South Africa Access - UHC D. Taylor 1669
Medicines for All Access - UHC S. Srinivasan 1679
Monitoring service delivery for universal health coverage: the Service Availability and Readiness Assessment Access - UHC K. O'Neill, M. Takane, A. Sheffel, C. Abou-Zahr and T. Boerma 1635
Nature and determinants of out-of-pocket health expenditure among older people in a rural Indian community Access - UHC E. M. Brinda, A. P. Rajkumar, U. Enemark, M. Prince and K. S. Jacob 1433
No cash, no care: how user fees endanger health—lessons learnt regarding financial barriers to healthcare services in Burundi, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Haiti and Mali Access - UHC F. Ponsar, K. Tayler-Smith, M. Philips, S. Gerard, M. Van Herp, T. Reid and R. Zachariah 1373
Out-of-Pocket Payments, Health Care Access and Utilisation in South-Eastern Nigeria: A Gender Perspective Access - UHC M. N. Onah and V. Govender 1570
Outreach services to improve access to health care in South Africa: lessons from three community health worker programmes Access - UHC N. Nxumalo, J. Goudge and L. Thomas 1630
Overcoming barriers to health service access: influencing the demand side Access - UHC T. Ensor and S. Cooper 1771
Post-Apartheid Challenges: Household Access and Use of Health Care in South Africa Access - UHC L. Gilson and D. McIntyre 1620
Poverty and Access to Health Care in Developing Countries Access - UHC D. H. Peters, A. Garg, G. Bloom, D. G. Walker, W. R. Brieger and M. Hafizur Rahman 1665
Poverty, food security and universal access to sexual and reproductive health services: a call for cross-movement advocacy against neoliberal globalisation Access - UHC T. K. Sundari Ravindran 1478
Promoting universal financial protection: evidence from seven low- and middle-income countries on factors facilitating or hindering progress Access - UHC D. McIntyre, M. K. Ranson, B. K. Aulakh and A. Honda 1552
Quantifying the Impact of Accessibility on Preventive Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa Using Mobile Phone Data Access - UHC A. Wesolowski, W. P. O’Meara, A. J. Tatem, S. Ndege, N. Eagle and C. O. Buckee 1431
Racial Disparities in Access to Care Under Conditions of Universal Coverage Access - UHC A. A. Siddiqi, S. Wang, K. Quinn, Q. C. Nguyen and A. D. Christy 1839
Reaching universal coverage by means of social health insurance in Lesotho? Results and implications from a financial feasibility assessment Access - UHC I. Mathauer, O. Doetinchem, J. Kirigia and G. Carrin 1496
Removing financial barriers to access reproductive, maternal and newborn health services: the challenges and policy implications for human resources for health Access - UHC B. McPake, S. Witter, T. Ensor, S. Fustukian, D. Newlands, T. Martineau and Y. Chirwa 1287
Removing user fees for facility-based delivery services: a difference-in-differences evaluation from ten sub-Saharan African countries Access - UHC B. McKinnon, S. Harper, J. S. Kaufman and Y. Bergevin 1463
Repackaging exemptions under National Health Insurance in Ghana: how can access to care for the poor be improved? Access - UHC E. Kanchebe Derbile and S. van der Geest 1363
Rural Americans face greater lack of healthcare access Access - UHC M. O'TOOLE 2174
Socioeconomic Status, Access to Health Care, and Outcomes After Acute Myocardial Infarction in Canada's Universal Health Care System Access - UHC L. Pilote, J. V. Tu, K. Humphries, H. Behouli, P. Belisle, P. C. Austin and L. Joseph 1692
Something old or something new? Social health insurance in Ghana Access - UHC S. Witter and B. Garshong 2332
South Africa's protracted struggle for equal distribution and equitable access - still not there Access - UHC H. van Rensburg 1244
Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative evidence on non-financial access barriers: implications for assessment at the district level Access - UHC T. S. O'Connell, K. J. A. Bedford, M. Thiede and D. McIntyre 2131
Targeted health insurance in a low income country and its impact on access and equity in access: Egypt's school health insurance Access - UHC W. Yip and P. Berman 1499
The Concept of Access: Definition and Relationship to Consumer Satisfaction Access - UHC R. Penchansky and J. W. Thomas 4862
The Effects Of Unequal Access To Health Insurance For Same-Sex Couples In California Access - UHC N. A. Ponce, S. D. Cochran, J. C. Pizer and V. M. Mays 1627
The Global Financial Crisis and Access to Health Care in Africa Access - UHC J. Mensah 1615
The Impact of Nearly Universal Insurance Coverage on Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Medicare Access - UHC D. Card, C. Dobkin and N. Maestas 1506

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