Title Category Author Hits
Can health insurance improve access to quality care for the Indian poor? Health Insurance J. Michielsen, B. Criel, N. Devadasan, W. Soors, E. Wouters and H. Meulemans 2299
Can Health-Insurance Help Prevent Child Labor? An Impact Evaluation from Pakistan Health Insurance A. Landmann and M. Frölich 1645
Can the poor afford ‘free’ health services? A case study of Tanzania Health Insurance B. ABEL-SMITH and P. RAWAL 1766
Can Turkey's general health insurance system achieve universal coverage? Health Insurance G. Y. Yasar and E. Ugurluoglu 1583
Changing Patterns of Health Insurance Coverage Health Insurance J. R. Tallon and R. Block 1491
Commentary: Thailand: Sexual and reproductive health before and after universal health coverage in 2002 Health Insurance V. Tangcharoensathien, K. Chaturachinda and W. Im-em 1320
Community based health insurance in developing countries Health Insurance M. D. Allegri and R. Sauerborn 1496
Community health insurance amidst abolition of user fees in Uganda: the view from policy makers and health service managers Health Insurance R. Basaza, B. Criel and P. Van der Stuyft 2401
Community health insurance and universal coverage: multiple paths, many rivers to cross Health Insurance W. Soors, N. Devadasan, V. Durairaj and B. Criel 2528
Community health insurance in Gudalur, India, increases access to hospital care Health Insurance N. Devadasan, B. Criel, W. Van Damme, S. Manoharan, P. S. Sarma and P. Van der Stuyft 1392
Community health insurance in sub-Saharan Africa: what operational difficulties hamper its successful development? Health Insurance M. De Allegri, R. Sauerborn, B. Kouyaté and S. Flessa 1543
Community perceptions of health insurance and their preferred design features: implications for the design of universal health coverage reforms in Kenya Health Insurance S. Mulupi, D. Kirigia and J. Chuma 2125
Community-based health insurance and access to maternal health services: Evidence from three West African countries Health Insurance K. V. Smith and S. Sulzbach 1677
Community-based health insurance and social capital: a review Health Insurance H. Donfouet and P.-A. Mahieu 2206
Community-based health insurance in developing countries: a study of its contribution to the performance of health financing systems Health Insurance G. Carrin, M.-P. Waelkens and B. Criel 1492
Community-based health insurance in low-income countries: a systematic review of the evidence Health Insurance B. Ekman 1298
Community-based health insurance programmes and the national health insurance scheme of Nigeria: challenges to uptake and integration Health Insurance I. Odeyemi 2084
Consumers' Perspectives on National Health Insurance in South Africa: Using a Mobile Health Approach Health Insurance E. Weimann and M. C. Stuttaford 1463
Consumers’ misunderstanding of health insurance Health Insurance G. Loewenstein, J. Y. Friedman, B. McGill, S. Ahmad, S. Linck, S. Sinkula, J. Beshears, J. J. Choi, J. Kolstad, D. Laibson, B. C. Madrian, J. A. List and K. G. Volpp 1818
Context matters: Where would you be the least worse off in the US if you were uninsured? Health Insurance C. Garcia, J. A. Pagán and R. Hardeman 1262
Contribution of Mutual Health Organisations to Financing, Delivery and Access to Health Care: Synthesis of Research in Nine West and Central African Countries Health Insurance C. Atim 1080
Controlling cost escalation of healthcare: making universal health coverage sustainable in China Health Insurance S. Tang, J. Tao and H. Bekedam 1718
Cooperative effect and adoption 0f Health Care Insurance: A study 0f NHIS in Eastern Nigeria Health Insurance O. C. Onuoha 1600
Costs, equity, efficiency and feasibility of identifying the poor in Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme: empirical analysis of various strategies Health Insurance G. C. Aryeetey, C. Jehu-Appiah 2030
Coverage of the Brazilian population 18 years and older by private health plans: an analysis of data from the World Health Survey Health Insurance F. Viacava, P. R. B. d. Souza-Júnior and C. L. Szwarcwald 1531
Coverage of the poor—innovative health financing in Ghana Health Insurance F. Nyonator 1587
Covering the Uninsured in the United States Health Insurance J. Gruber 1557
David Evans: putting universal health coverage on the agenda Health Insurance D. Holmes 1543
Demand for voluntary health insurance in developing countries: The case of Vietnam’s school-age children and adolescent student health insurance program Health Insurance H. Nguyen and J. Knowles 1158
Determinants for participation in a public health insurance program among residents of urban slums in Nairobi, Kenya: results from a cross-sectional survey Health Insurance J. Kimani, R. Ettarh, C. Kyobutungi, B. Mberu and K. Muindi 2095

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