Title Category Author Hits
Determining the impacts of hospital cost-sharing on the uninsured near-poor households in Vietnam Health Insurance D. Vuong, S. Flessa, P. Marschall, S. Ha, K. Luong and R. Busse 1318
Developing health insurance in transitional Asia Health Insurance T. Ensor 1557
Development and status of health insurance systems in China Health Insurance S. L. Barber and L. Yao 1404
Did the Health Card Program Ensure Access to Medical Care for the Poor during Indonesia’s Economic Crisis? Health Insurance M. Pradhan, F. Saadah and R. Sparrow 1412
Divergence in the development of public health insurance in Japan and the Republic of Korea: A multiple-payer versus a single-payer system Health Insurance H.-S. Jeong and R. Niki 1521
Do Community-based Health Insurance Schemes Improve Poor People’s Access to Health Care? Evidence From Rural Senegal Health Insurance J. P. Jütting 1526
Does enrollment status in community-based insurance lead to poorer quality of care? Evidence from Burkina Faso Health Insurance P. Robyn, T. Barnighausen, A. Souares, G. Savadogo, B. Bicaba, A. Sie and R. Sauerborn 1499
Does health insurance improve health?: Evidence from a randomized community-based insurance rollout in rural Burkina Faso Health Insurance G. Fink, P. J. Robyn, A. Sié and R. Sauerborn 1442
Does health insurance improve utilisation of healthcare services, for chronic illnesses in Sudan? Health Insurance I. Baloul and M. Dahlui 1308
Does National Health Insurance Promote Access to Quality Health Care? Evidence from Nigeria Health Insurance A. Ibiwoye and I. A. Adeleke 1335
Does universal comprehensive insurance encourage unnecessary use? Evidence from Manitoba says “no” Health Insurance N. P. Roos, E. Forget, R. Walld and L. MacWilliam 1505
Donor Support for Community Health Financing: Options and Opportunities for Sub-Saharan African Communities Health Insurance E. U. John 1330
Drop-out analysis of community-based health insurance membership at Nouna, Burkina Faso Health Insurance H. Dong, M. De Allegri, D. Gnawali, A. Souares and R. Sauerborn 1548
Dynamics of social health insurance development: Examining the determinants of Chinese basic health insurance coverage with panel data Health Insurance J.-Q. Liu 1280
EA Health Community pushes for health insurance in Uganda Health Insurance E. Namirimu 1677
Editorial: Community health insurance (CHI) in sub-Saharan Africa: researching the context Health Insurance B. Criel, C. Atim, R. Basaza, P. Blaise and M. P. Waelkens 1380
Effect of private health insurance on health care utilization in a universal public insurance system: A case of South Korea Health Insurance B. Jeon and S. Kwon 1358
Effective reimbursement rates of the rural health insurance among uncomplicated tuberculosis patients in China Health Insurance X. Wei, G. Zou, J. Yin, J. Walley, X. Zhang, R. Li and Q. Sun 1427
Effectiveness of community health financing in meeting the cost of illness Health Insurance A. S. Preker, G. Carrin, D. Dror, M. Jakab, W. Hsiao and D. Arhin-Tenkorang 1432
Effectiveness of micro health insurance on financial protection: Evidence from India Health Insurance S. Savitha and K. B. Kiran 1350
Effects of changes in health insurance reimbursement level on outpatient service utilization of rural diabetics: evidence from Jiangsu Province, China Health Insurance L. Zhang, Z. Wang, D. Qian and J. Ni 1271
Effects of health insurance on non-working married women's medical care use and bed days at home Health Insurance C. Lee and E. Shin 1533
Effects of spatial location and household wealth on health insurance subscription among women in Ghana Health Insurance A. Kumi-Kyereme and J. Amo-Adjei 1227
Effects of universal health insurance on health care utilization, and supply-side responses: Evidence from Japan Health Insurance A. Kondo and H. Shigeoka 1927
Eight Years Of National Health Insurance In Ghana: Evaluation Of The Health Financing Sub-Functions Health Insurance E. Nsiah-Boateng 1318
Eliciting community preferences for complementary micro health insurance: A discrete choice experiment in rural Malawi Health Insurance G. A. Abiiro, A. Torbica, K. Kwalamasa and M. De Allegri 1364
Emerging Trends in Health Insurance for Low-Income Groups Health Insurance A. Narang and R. Ahuja 1684
Enrollment in Ethiopia’s Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme Health Insurance A. D. Mebratie, R. Sparrow, Z. Yilma, G. Alemu and A. S. Bedi 1282
Equality in Medical Care under National Health Insurance in Montreal Health Insurance J. Siemiatycki, L. Richardson and I. B. Pless 2397
ESSAY: Come the Revolution: Are We Finally Ready for Universal Health Insurance? Health Insurance S. A. Channick 1445

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