Title Category Author Hits
Evolution of health coverage in Mexico: evidence of progress and challenges in the Mexican health system Health Insurance J. E. Urquieta-Salomón and H. J. Villarreal 1284
Examining the health care payment reforms in Abu Dhabi Health Insurance S. Hamidi and F. Akinci 1499
Expanding Health Insurance Coverage and the Implications for Dentistry Health Insurance P. C. Damiano, D. A. Shugars and J. D. Johnson 1337
Extending health care coverage: Potential linkages between statutory social security and community-based social protection Health Insurance J. Schremmer, A. Coheur, C. Jacquier and V. Schmitt-Diabaté 1291
Extending social health insurance to the informal sector in Kenya. An assessment of factors affecting demand Health Insurance I. Mathauer, J.-O. Schmidt and M. Wenyaa 1468
Factors affecting catastrophic health expenditure and impoverishment from medical expenses in China: policy implications of universal health insurance Health Insurance Y. Li, Q. Wu, L. Xu, D. Legge, Y. Hao, L. Gao, N. Ning and G. Wan 1456
Factors influencing the decision to drop out of health insurance enrolment among urban slum dwellers in Ghana Health Insurance R. A. Atinga, G. A. Abiiro and R. B. Kuganab-Lem 1284
Family coverage expansions: Impact on insurance coverage and health care utilization of parents Health Insurance S. H. Busch and N. Duchovny 1207
Feasibility of introducing compulsory community health fund in low resource countries: views from the communities in Liwale district of Tanzania Health Insurance B. Marwa, B. Njau, J. Kessy and D. Mushi 1552
Field based evidence of enhanced healthcare utilization among persons insured by micro health insurance units in Philippines Health Insurance D. M. Dror, E. S. Soriano, M. E. Lorenzo, J. N. Sarol Jr, R. S. Azcuna and R. Koren 1174
Financial protection in health in Turkey: the effects of the Health Transformation Programme Health Insurance M. S. Yardim, N. Cilingiroglu and N. Yardim 1412
Financing Health Insurance in Asia Pacific Countries Health Insurance A. A. Sidorenko and J. R. G. Butler 1565
Free healthcare for all is just not feasible Health Insurance H. P. Kai 1417
Funding, Coverage, and Access Under Thailand’s Universal Health Insurance Program: An Update After Ten Years Health Insurance K. Damrongplasit and G. Melnick 1262
Gambia: Journalists Briefed On WAHO Day Health Insurance I. S. Njie 1554
Gender's effect on willingness-to-pay for community-based insurance in Burkina Faso Health Insurance H. Dong, B. Kouyate, R. Snow, F. Mugisha and R. Sauerborn 1353
Government health insurance for people below poverty line in India: quasi-experimental evaluation of insurance and health outcomes Health Insurance N. Sood, E. Bendavid, A. Mukherji, Z. Wagner, S. Nagpal and P. Mullen 1585
Government urged to save NHIS from collapse Health Insurance Ghana News Agency 1401
Has universal health insurance reduced socioeconomic inequalities in urban and rural health service use in Thailand? Health Insurance V. Yiengprugsawan, G. A. Carmichael, L. L. Y. Lim, S.-a. Seubsman and A. C. Sleigh 1472
Have Gender Gaps in Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Narrowed under Health Reform? Findings from Massachusetts Health Insurance S. K. Long, K. Stockley and S. Shulman 1094
Have health insurance reforms in Tunisia attained their intended objectives? Health Insurance K. Makhloufi, B. Ventelou and M. Abu-Zaineh 1500
Health care financing in South Africa: moving towards universal coverage Health Insurance J. E.-O. Ataguba and J. Akazili 1803
Health Consequences of Uninsurance among Adults in the United States: Recent Evidence and Implications Health Insurance J. Michael McWilliams 1208
Health Finance in Rural Henan: Low Premium Insurance Compared to the Out-of-Pocket System Health Insurance S. Jackson, A. C. Sleigh, L. Peng and L. Xi-Li 1135
Health financing for universal coverage and health system performance: concepts and implications for policy Health Insurance J. Kutzin 1649
Health Financing in Ghana Health Insurance G. Schieber, C. Cashin, K. Saleh and L. Rouselle 1981
Health for All Campaign in Ethiopia: Keeping the Ball Rolling for UHC | Management Sciences for Health Health Insurance A. T. Lemma 1371
Health insurance and child mortality in Costa Rica Health Insurance W. H. Dow and K. K. Schmeer 1408
Health insurance and health-seeking behavior: Evidence from a randomized community-based insurance rollout in rural Burkina Faso Health Insurance P. J. Robyn, G. Fink, A. Sié and R. Sauerborn 1268
Health Insurance and Other Risk-Coping Strategies in Uganda: The Case of Microcare Insurance Ltd Health Insurance M. Dekker and A. Wilms 1240

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