Title Category Author Hits
The administrative costs of community-based health insurance: a case study of the community health fund in Tanzania Health Insurance J. Borghi, S. Makawia and A. Kuwawenaruwa 1525
The Bwamanda hospital insurance scheme: effective for whom? A study of its impact on hospital utilization patterns Health Insurance B. Criel, P. Van der Stuyft and W. Van Lerberghe 1306
The challenges of health disparities in South Africa Health Insurance S. R. Benatar 1507
The complex association of health insurance and maternal health services in the context of a premium exemption for pregnant women: a case study in Northern Ghana Health Insurance J. A. Frimpong, S. Helleringer, J. K. Awoonor-Williams, T. Aguilar, J. F. Phillips and F. Yeji 1410
The demand for dependent health insurance: How important is the cost of family coverage? Health Insurance A. C. Monheit and J. P. Vistnes 1323
The demand for health insurance among uninsured Americans: Results of a survey experiment and implications for policy Health Insurance A. B. Krueger and I. Kuziemko 1324
The drive for universal healthcare in South Africa: views from private general practitioners Health Insurance R. Surender, R. Van Niekerk, B. Hannah 1516
The effect of the state children’s health insurance program on health insurance coverage Health Insurance A. T. Lo Sasso and T. C. Buchmueller 1218
The Effect of Universal Coverage on Health Expenditures for the Uninsured Health Insurance P. F. Short, B. A. Hahn, K. Beauregard, P. H. Harvey and M. L. Wilets 1333
The effects of China's urban basic medical insurance schemes on the equity of health service utilisation: evidence from Shaanxi Province Health Insurance Z. Zhou, L. Zhu, Z. Zhou, Z. Li, J. Gao and G. Chen 1297
The Elusive Quest for National Health Insurance Health Insurance D. R. McCanne 1478
The equality of resource allocation in health care under the National Health Insurance System in Taiwan Health Insurance V. B. Kreng and C.-T. Yang 1479
The Ethics of the Affordability of Health Insurance Health Insurance B. Saloner and N. Daniels 1530
The feasibility of community-based health insurance in Burkina Faso Health Insurance H. Dong, F. Mugisha, A. Gbangou, B. Kouyate and R. Sauerborn 1382
The financial protection effect of Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme: evidence from a study in two rural districts Health Insurance H. Nguyen, Y. Rajkotia and H. Wang 1449
The health card insurance scheme in Burundi: A social asset or a non-viable venture? Health Insurance D. C. Arhin 1613
The impact of health insurance in Africa and Asia: a systematic review Health Insurance E. Spaan, J. Mathijssen, N. Tromp, F. McBain, A. ten Have and R. Baltussen 2498
The Impact of Near-Universal Insurance Coverage on Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: Evidence from Massachusetts Health Insurance L. M. Sabik and C. J. Bradley 1373
The Impact of Poverty, Chronic Illnesses, and Health Insurance Status on Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenditures in Later Life Health Insurance J. Kim and V. Richardson 1410
The Impact of Subsidized Health Insurance for the Poor: Evaluating the Colombian Experience Using Propensity Score Matching Health Insurance A. Trujillo, J. Portillo and J. Vernon 1614
The Individual Mandate — An Affordable and Fair Approach to Achieving Universal Coverage Health Insurance L. J. Blumberg and J. Holahan 1351
The National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana’s Upper West Region: A gendered perspective of insurance acquisition in a resource-poor setting Health Insurance J. Dixon, I. Luginaah and P. Mkandawire 1446
The national health insurance scheme: perceptions and experiences of health care providers and clients in two districts of Ghana Health Insurance P. Dalinjong and A. Laar 1883
The Politics of Universal Health Insurance: Lessons from Past Administrations? Health Insurance T. Marmor 1431
The Potential Role of Risk-Equalization Mechanisms in Health Insurance: The Case of South Africa Health Insurance N. Söderlund and S. Khosa 1392
The private sector in national health financing systems : the role of health maintenance organisations and private healthcare providers in Nigeria Health Insurance C. A. Onoka 1454
The Provision of Public Universal Health Insurance: Impacts on Private Insurance, Asset Holdings, and Welfare Health Insurance M. Hsu and J. Lee 1582
The role of community-based health insurance within the health care financing system: a framework for analysis Health Insurance S. Bennett 1275
The Skeptic's Guide to a Movement for Universal Health Insurance Health Insurance C. A. Nathanson 1529
The South African national health insurance: a revolution in health-care delivery! Health Insurance S. Naidoo 1625

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