Title Category Author Hits
Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending by the Poor and Chronically Ill in the Republic of Korea UHC Complementary Initiatives J. P. Ruger and H.-J. Kim 1417
Out-of-pocket payment for health services: constraints and implications for government employees in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state, South east Nigeria UHC Complementary Initiatives P. G. Oyibo 1135
Overcoming health-systems constraints to achieve the Millennium Development Goals UHC Complementary Initiatives P. Travis, S. Bennett, A. Haines, T. Pang, Z. Bhutta, A. A. Hyder, N. R. Pielemeier, A. Mills and T. Evans 1748
Party Politics, Governors, and Healthcare Expenditures UHC Complementary Initiatives N. K. Joshi 1511
Patient satisfaction with services in outpatient clinics at Mulago hospital, Uganda UHC Complementary Initiatives J. Nabbuye-Sekandi, F. E. Makumbi, A. Kasangaki, I. B. Kizza, J. Tugumisirize, E. Nshimye, S. Mbabali and D. H. Peters 1704
Pattern of outpatient utilisation and cost for patients under the Universal Coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives K. Sumputtanon, N. Upakdee, P. Phanthunane and S. Pannarunothai 1456
Paying for health care: moving beyond the user-fee debate UHC Complementary Initiatives D. R. Gwatkin 1463
Paying out-of-pocket for healthcare leads to ‘deep impoverishment’ – UN report UHC Complementary Initiatives United Nations (UN) 1365
Payments for health care and its effect on catastrophe and impoverishment: Experience from the transition to Universal Coverage in Thailand UHC Complementary Initiatives T. Somkotra and L. P. Lagrada 1458
PHP40 - Transformation of Green Card Program for the Poor: One Step Further to Universal Health Care Coverage in Turkey UHC Complementary Initiatives O. Seyhun, S. Erdol, H. Can and E. Erdogan 1259
PHP80 - Towards Universal Health Care- A Review of the Basic Basket of Care Associated With Universal Health Care Delivery Models UHC Complementary Initiatives R. M. Burns, B. Dooley and J. Armstrong 1457
Point of View: The importance of Leadership towards universal health coverage in Low Income Countries UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Gonani and A. S. Muula 1494
Political Economy of Pursuing the Expansion of Social Protection in Health in Mexico UHC Complementary Initiatives O. Gómez-Dantés, M. R. Reich and F. Garrido-Latorre 1984
Poor data stalls health financing in Nigeria UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Chiejina, D. Ojabo and E. Ifebi 1553
Poor People's Experiences of Health Services in Tanzania: A Literature Review UHC Complementary Initiatives M. Mamdani and M. Bangser 1350
Poverty and health sector inequalities UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Wagstaff 1624
Poverty and user fees for public health care in low-income countries: lessons from Uganda and Cambodia UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Meessen, W. Van Damme, C. K. Tashobya and A. Tibouti 1467
Predicting Consumption Expenditure for the Analysis of Health Care Financing Equity in Low Income Countries: a Comparison of Approaches UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Mtei, J. Borghi and K. Hanson 1298
Preventing impoverishment through protection against catastrophic health expenditure UHC Complementary Initiatives K. Kawabata, K. Xu and G. Carrin 1405
Primary care: an increasingly important contributor to effectiveness, equity, and efficiency of health services. SESPAS report 2012 UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Starfield 1658
Principle Meets Pragmatism on Universal Health Coverage | Management Sciences for Health UHC Complementary Initiatives J. Jay 1427
Prioritizing integrated mHealth strategies for universal health coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Mehl and A. Labrique 1517
Progress toward universal health coverage in ASEAN UHC Complementary Initiatives H. V. Minh, N. S. Pocock, N. Chaiyakunapruk, C. Chhorvann, H. A. Duc, P. Hanvoravongchai, J. Lim, D. E. Lucero-Prisno III, N. Ng, N. Phaholyothin, A. Phonvisay, K. M. Soe and V. Sychareun 1464
Progressivity and horizontal equity in health care finance and delivery: What about Africa? UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Cissé, S. Luchini and J. P. Moatti 1656
Promoting the Advanced Nursing Practice role in Latin America UHC Complementary Initiatives S. H. D. B. Cassiani and K. E. Zug 1423
Promoting universal financial protection: contracting faith-based health facilities to expand access - lessons learned from Malawi UHC Complementary Initiatives M. Chirwa, I. Kazanga, G. Faedo and S. Thomas 1393
Protecting the poor under cost recovery: the role of means testing UHC Complementary Initiatives C. Y. Willis and C. Leighton 1453
Public Financing for Health Coverage in India: Who Spends, Who Benefits and At What Cost? UHC Complementary Initiatives I. Gupta and S. Chowdhury 2045
Public Spending on Health Care in Africa: Do the Poor Benefit? UHC Complementary Initiatives F. Castro-Leal, J. Dayton, L. Demery and K. Mehra 1556
Public-Private Partnership Options toward Achieving Universal Health Coverage in the Philippine Setting UHC Complementary Initiatives E. P. Banzon, J. A. Lucero, B. L. Ho, M. E. Puyat, E. J. Quibod and P. A. Factor 1553

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