Title Category Author Hits
Tackling health workforce challenges to universal health coverage: setting targets and measuring progress UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Cometto and S. Witter 1437
Tackling the challenges of health care financing in China UHC Complementary Initiatives Z. Jun-sheng 1327
Targeting accuracy and impact of a community-identified waiver card scheme for primary care user fees in Afghanistan UHC Complementary Initiatives L. Steinhardt and D. Peters 1354
Targeting the worst-off for free health care: A process evaluation in Burkina Faso UHC Complementary Initiatives V. Ridde, M. Yaogo, Y. Kafando, K. Kadio, M. Ouedraogo, A. Bicaba and S. Haddad 1251
Technical efficiency of human resources for health in Africa UHC Complementary Initiatives J. M. Kirigia, E. Z. Asbu, D. G. Kirigia, O. Onwujekwe, W. M. Fonta and H. E. Ichoku 1996
Tertiary Healthcare within a Universal System UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Zachariah 1360
The accountability for reasonableness approach to guide priority setting in health systems within limited resources - findings from action research at district level in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia UHC Complementary Initiatives J. Byskov, B. Marchal, S. Maluka, J. Zulu, S. Bukachi, A.-K. Hurtig, A. Blystad, P. Kamuzora, C. Michelo, L. Nyandieka, B. Ndawi, P. Bloch and O. Olsen 1227
The attack on universal health coverage in Europe: different effects in different parts of Europe UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Burström 1719
The attack on universal health coverage in Europe: recession, austerity and unmet needs UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Reeves, M. McKee and D. Stuckler 1545
The challenge to restoring basic health care in Uganda UHC Complementary Initiatives D. O. Okello, R. Lubanga, D. Guwatudde and A. Sebina-Zziwa 1390
The Determinants of Hospital Utilization Under a Universal Public Insurance Program in Canada UHC Complementary Initiatives P. Manga, R. W. Broyles and D. E. Angus 1467
The Drivers of Universal Health Care in South Africa: The Role of Ideas, Institutions and Actors UHC Complementary Initiatives R. Surender 1242
The effect of Medicaid expansions for low-income children on Medicaid participation and private insurance coverage: evidence from the SIPP UHC Complementary Initiatives J. C. Ham and L. Shore-Sheppard 1151
The effects of public and private health care expenditure on health status in sub-Saharan Africa: new evidence from panel data analysis UHC Complementary Initiatives J. Novignon, S. Olakojo and J. Nonvignon 1657
The effects of the financial crisis and austerity measures on the Spanish health care system: A qualitative analysis of health professionals’ perceptions in the Region of Valencia UHC Complementary Initiatives F. Cervero-Liceras, M. McKee and H. Legido-Quigley 1294
The Experience of Ghana in Implementing a User Fee Exemption Policy to Provide Free Delivery Care UHC Complementary Initiatives S. Witter, D. K. Arhinful, A. Kusi and S. Zakariah-Akoto 1281
The fall and rise of cost sharing in Kenya: the impact of phased implementation UHC Complementary Initiatives D. COLLINS, J. D. QUICK, S. N. MUSAU, D. KRAUSHAAR and I. M. HUSSEIN 1274
The Final Frontiers of Healthcare Universalisation in Costa Rica and Panama UHC Complementary Initiatives M. A. Clark 1553
The financial crisis, health and health inequities in Europe: the need for regulations, redistribution and social protection UHC Complementary Initiatives R. De Vogli 1412
The growing movement for universal health coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Latko, J. G. Temporao, J. Frenk, T. G. Evans 1849
The health and health system of South Africa: historical roots of current public health challenges UHC Complementary Initiatives H. Coovadia, R. Jewkes, P. Barron, D. Sanders and D. McIntyre 1806
The human resource implications of improving financial risk protection for mothers and newborns in Zimbabwe UHC Complementary Initiatives Y. Chirwa, S. Witter, M. Munjoma, W. Mashange, T. Ensor, B. McPake and S. Munyati 1521
The Impact of Health Insurance on Health-care Utilisation and Out-of-Pocket Payments in South Africa UHC Complementary Initiatives J. E.-O. Ataguba and J. Goudge 1251
The impact of out-of-pocket payments on prevention and health-related lifestyle: a systematic literature review UHC Complementary Initiatives R. Rezayatmand, M. Pavlova and W. Groot 1532
The impact of public spending on health: does money matter? UHC Complementary Initiatives D. Filmer and L. Pritchett 1267
The impact of stakeholder values and power relations on community-based health insurance coverage: qualitative evidence from three Senegalese case studies UHC Complementary Initiatives Mladovsky, P., Ndiaye, P., Ndiaye, A., and Criel, B 1227
The imperative for health promotion in universal health coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Coe and J. de Beyer 1363
The importance of universal healthcare UHC Complementary Initiatives L.-R. Chetty 1594
The Importance of Values in Shaping How Health Systems Governance and Management Can Support Universal Health Coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Fattore and F. Tediosi 1545
The Impoverishing Effect of Healthcare Payments in India: New Methodology and Findings UHC Complementary Initiatives L. Bhandari, P. Berman and R. Ahuja 1923

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