Title Category Author Hits
WIP debate on the Post 2015 Health Goals: Universal Health Coverage and Women’s Health identified top of the agenda UHC Complementary Initiatives T. Fillis 1372
Who benefits from removing user fees for facility-based delivery services? Evidence on socioeconomic differences from Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone UHC Complementary Initiatives B. McKinnon, S. Harper and J. S. Kaufman 1507
When doctors and nurses are not enough: The need for more qualified social health protection staff for developing Universal Health Coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives M. Pellny, B. Jacobs, F. Fürst and R. Pokharel 1313
Why justice is good for our health: the social determinants of health inequalities Equity - UHC N. Daniels, B. P. Kennedy and I. Kawachi 1359
Why Do Health Inequalities Matter? Equity - UHC Y. Jeon Shin and M. Hee Kim 1288
Will Universal Health Coverage (UHC) lead to the freedom to lead flourishing and healthy lives? Policy - UHC D. Matheson 1279
Will India deliver on universal health coverage? Policy - UHC A. Kollannur 1491
When are health inequalities a political problem? Equity - UHC S. Vallgårda 1417
Why Universal Health Care Is No Cure-All Policy - UHC C. Kenny 1222
What We Can Learn From Latin America’s Experience With Universal Health Coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives Jointlearningnetwork 1297
Want UHC? Tackle discrimination first UHC Complementary Initiatives G. Jóźwiak 1166
Working practices and incomes of health workers: evidence from an evaluation of a delivery fee exemption scheme in Ghana UHC Complementary Initiatives S. Witter, A. Kusi and M. Aikins 1376
Willingness to pay for social health insurance among informal sector workers in Wuhan, China: a contingent valuation study Health Insurance T. Barnighausen, Y. Liu, X. Zhang and R. Sauerborn 1429
Willingness to pay for physician services at a primary contact in Ukraine: results of a contingent valuation study UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Danyliv, M. Pavlova, I. Gryga and W. Groot 1217
Why has the Universal Coverage Scheme in Thailand achieved a pro-poor public subsidy for health care? Policy - UHC S. Limwattananon, V. Tangcharoensathien, K. Tisayaticom, T. Boonyapaisarncharoen and P. Prakongsai 1353
Who needs what from a national health research system: lessons from reforms to the English Department of Health's R&D system Policy - UHC S. Hanney, S. Kuruvilla, B. Soper and N. Mays 1355
Where are we now: assessing the price, availability and affordability of essential medicines in Delhi as India plans free medicine for all UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Kotwani 1217
What is the role of health equity tools in large-systems transformation? Equity - UHC B. Pauly, M. MacDonald, W. Martin, K. Perkin, B. Wallace, C. Zeisser, T. Hancock and W. O’Briain 1437
Women's access to health care in developing countries Access - UHC D. Nash Ojanuga and C. Gilbert 1873
Why do the sick not utilise health care? The case of Zambia UHC Complementary Initiatives C. Hjortsberg 1375
Who pays for health care in Asia? UHC Complementary Initiatives O. O’Donnell, E. van Doorslaer, R. P. Rannan-Eliya, A. Somanathan, ... 1255
Which resources pay for treatment? A model for estimating the informal economy of health UHC Complementary Initiatives S. Wallman and M. Baker 1178
World Health Report 2000: how it removes equity from the agenda for public health monitoring and policyCommentary: comprehensive approaches are needed for full understanding Equity - UHC P. Braveman, C. J. L. Murray, B. Starfield and H. J. Geiger 1117
Why the poor pay more: household curative expenditures in rural Sierra Leone UHC Complementary Initiatives S. J. Fabricant, C. W. Kamara and A. Mills 1331
Willing to wait?: The influence of patient wait time on satisfaction with primary care Quality - UHC R. Anderson, F. Camacho and R. Balkrishnan 1369
Why Publicly-Financed Health Insurance Schemes Are Ineffective in Providing Financial Risk Protection Health Insurance A. K. Karan and S. Selvaraj 1431
What does 'access to health care' mean? Access - UHC M. Gulliford, J. Figueroa-Munoz, M. Morgan, D. Hughes, B. Gibson, R. Beech and M. Hudson 1702
Why Employer-Sponsored Insurance Coverage Changed, 1997–2003 Health Insurance J. D. Reschovsky, B. C. Strunk and P. Ginsburg 1296
What is universal health coverage? UHC Complementary Initiatives WHO 1262
Which Path to Universal Health Coverage? Perspectives on the World Health Report 2010 UHC Complementary Initiatives S. Bennett, S. Ozawa and K. D. Rao 1168

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