AfHEA appoints Prof. John Ele-Ojo Ataguba as the Executive Director (incoming)

Dear Colleagues,

Following the successful conclusion of the recruitment drive for the position of AfHEA Executive Director, the rigorous recruitment process saw Prof. John Ele-Ojo Ataguba emerge as the most suited candidate out of the impressive pool of applicants for the role. Having accepted the offer put forth, he has subsequently been appointed by the Board of Trustees as the incoming Executive Director.

His tenure takes effect from April 1st 2022 with a preceding, transitionary period of engagement in order to understudy the current Executive Director, Dr. Chris Atim. A detailed bio of Prof. Ataguba (who was also quite recently appointed as Canada Research Chair in Health Economics) will follow shortly.


Upon his appointment as incoming ED he stated, “I acknowledge the huge responsibility of leading AfHEA and will commit to delivering to the best of my abilities. I also want to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Chris Atim for his sterling leadership and commitment to AfHEA over the past years… Although AfHEA is still growing, I want to assure you that your investments in AfHEA, and those of fellow colleagues, will continue to grow into the future”.


A huge congratulations to Prof. Ataguba and to the entire Association!!


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