AfHEA UHC research documentation dissemination announcement

Dear Colleagues,

As part of AfHEA’s ongoing UHC project in collaboration with IDRC and the Rockefeller Foundation, we are pleased to announce that AfHEA will, from early next week, start providing up-to-date research works and other literature on health economics, financing and policy specifically relating to universal health coverage (UHC) to our UHC target groups, our members and web users. These works will be provided to AfHEA by research consultants contracted under the dissemination component of the UHC project to search, compile and update the website with scientific literature approximately on a weekly basis. These materials will be made available through a menu created on our web site. The postings will be done by the research consultants (School of Public Health, University of Ghana), in collaboration with our IT consultant and the AfHEA Secretariat.

Key features of the uploaded documents include – title, year, abstract, doi, URL, journal, document type (article, report, policy brief, etc), document availability (full-text or abstract). The documents searched will primarily focus on Universal Health Coverage under the following broad classifications: (i) Access; (ii) Quality; (iii) Equity; (iv) Policy; (v) Health Insurance; and (vi) Other UHC Complementary Initiatives (i.e. free health care, vouchers, conditional cash transfers, etc).

The document type states whether the document is a policy brief, journal article, report or book while the classification will enable users to know the particular areas of UHC a specific material relates to. The document availability indicates whether the full text or an abstract of an article is available. The URL would be a link from the hypertext file to the location of any relevant literature website or file; and it is typically activated by clicking on a highlighted word at a particular location on the AfHEA website.

Please expect to access the first post next week. Click here for the post


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