Measuring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage

Title Measuring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage
Year 2014
Author T. Sundararaman, G. Vaidyanathan, S. D. Vaishnavi, K. R. Reddy, T. Mokashi, J. Sharma, R. Ved, U. Dash and V. R. Muraleedharan
Document Type Webpage
Document Availability Full Text
Classification Other complementary UHC initiatives
Abstract This paper proposes an approach to periodically measure the extent of progress towards universal health coverage using a set of indicators that captures the essence of the factors to be considered in moving towards universalisation. It presents the rationale for the approach and demonstrates its use, based on a primary household survey carried out at the district level. Discussing the strengths and limitations of the approach, it points to how these measures could be further refined. The effort is to find a method of measurement that will apply to any of the alternative ways of progressing towards universal health coverage, however defined and implemented.


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