UNFPA collaborates with AfHEA on “UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional…

UNFPA collaborates with AfHEA on “UNFPA East and Southern Africa Regional undertaking of investment cases for Transformative Results in the Decade of Action”

Reference is made to UNFPA explorations with AfHEA during AfHEA’s 2019 scientific conference, on possible collaborations that can accelerate the integration of dimensions of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights into Universal Health Coverage – benefit packages, financing arrangements, including financial risk protection and client satisfaction.

One of such areas proposed was collaboration in undertaking investments cases at country level across four transformative results UNFPA has committed to within the SDGs – Ending Preventable Maternal Deaths and Ending Unmet Need for Family Planning (SDG 3), Ending Gender-Based Violence (SDG 5) and a specific Result in the East and Southern Africa region – Ending Sexual transmission of HIV (SDG 1).

In this regard, the technical partnership/collaboration with AfHEA is for the undertakings of investment cases in 5 pilot countries in East and Southern Africa region are serving as pilot and self-starter countries in the first instance in 2020/2021, namely Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, South Sudan with identified consultants in these countries. The project kick-started in November 2020 and is expected to end in April 2021.

The development of country-level investment cases presents an opportunity to focus on the unfinished business of the ICPD Agenda at the country level, by defining the scale and scope of investments needed to prioritize proven, high-impact and cost-effective interventions that are required to accelerate progress towards achievement of the transformative results committed to by UNFPA and partners. In addition, the investment cases will also support contributions to achieving the SDGs and national aspirations reflected in country development framework(s).

The investment cases are expected to also inform partnership efforts and mobilization of additional domestic and external financing required to achieve the transformative results at country level. In recognition of the continuously evolving sustainable financing landscape, situating country level investments within the development, humanitarian and peace nexus is critical, including taking into consideration increased occurrences of public health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, frequency of climate change risks and vulnerabilities, to mention a few. The 2020 global pilot Investment cases in selected countries will also document experiences and lessons learned to be used in updating and rolling out the toolkit to all countries.

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