Issue Date:                        8 /06/2021        

Proposal Deadline:            29/06/2021                    

Submit Questions by:       22//06/2021     

Expected Award date:      7/07/2021    

The African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA) is requesting eligible firms and individuals to submit proposals for the redesign and improvement of its website.

The African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA) is a bilingual English and French non-political and non-profit-making association inaugurated in March 2009 with headquarters in Accra, Ghana. The overall mission of AfHEA is to contribute to the promotion and strengthening of the use of health economics and health policy analysis in achieving equitable and efficient health systems and improved health outcomes in Africa, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Its membership includes over 350 health economics, financing and policy experts from African countries residing within and outside the continent.


  • Researchers and policy makers, and students
  • Scientific committee for abstract management
  • AfHEA staff for membership database and financial management


Propose a website refresh of AfHEA’s current website  ensuring a clean, modern design that delivers a seamless and engaging user experience.  The site should be highly functional and easy to use. 



AfHEA anticipates issuing a one (1) month fixed price contract for the design of its official website. Proposals are expected to be valid for a period of 60 days.

It is anticipated that the start date of the contract will be, July 7, 2021 and the end date is July 23, 2021.


The redesign and improvement will focus on process that can potentially improve website performance. Design and Technical Assistance elements include:

  1. Overall look
  • website is to be designed in AfHEA’s logos and colors.
  1. AfHEA Conference management
    • An automated conference management system abstract management which includes, but not limited to abstract submissions, reviews and feedbacks and compilations into abstract book etc
    • updated landing page to ensure
  2. Resources and search capacity
    • A WordPress integration so that regular blog posts can be uploaded/ updated
    • An automated language translation system
    • Content migration to the redesigned databases
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content resubmissions Membership
    • A Membership Portal for existing members, which requires secure login credentials within the website
    • An option for visitors to become AfHEA members
    • Automated and intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) – for membership management
  4. Other tools and features
    • website statistics and tracking features.
    • User Interface and general graphical redesign
    • Improved databases (with the option of moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL) 
    • Re-programming of advance and core features to match industry trends
    • Provision of user manuals and guidelines on staff and general user (website) conduct regarding AfHEA's digital resources
  5. Content Management System: Design should consider the ability to:
    • regularly update the website content (remove content where necessary and add where necessary)
    • have an independent person assess the content and make recommendations.
  6. Security features to include features such as:
  • Include ability of members to login to separate portion or content on website. Need public facing and member only sections of website
  • Ability of Board members to login to separate portion or content on website
  • Ability of staff and executives to login to separate portion or content on website
  • Site back-up,


Submission Guidelines.   All proposals must include a cover letter detailing the following:

  1. Technical Proposal: The technical proposal should include the elements listed in the Scope of work above. In addition, the bidder is requested to submit examples of similar website redesign projects, including links to actual live websites.  Finally, include a project timeline that incorporates the 7 headings (milestones) of the Scope of work (overall look, conference management, etc..) milestones below:




Contract sign date


Initial discussion and scope


Client provides content


Client review of draft design and content (in order of the milestones in the scope of work)


Design Implementation


Finalize design and content entry


Client approval of final design and content


Browser testing of site


Finalize Testing of site


Deployment to client domain


Training and back up information


  1. Cost Proposal: Provide cost for services contained in the above Scope of Work. Quotes should be in United States Dollars (USD) and inclusive of Taxes and all other levies and costs where applicable. Pricing should summarize and fully outline the complete schedule of charges and/or costs that will be incurred by   Prospective bidders should clearly indicate their preferred payment terms.


  1. Eligibility Criteria: Prospective bidders are to submit the following documentation:
  2. Tax Identification number (TIN number)
  3. Proof of organizational capacity to execute the work – Vendor should provide (3) references for clients who received similar services in the past 3 years. References should include company name, service(s) provided and contact information.
  4. Company profile (briefly reflecting core competencies only and clearly stating the physical verifiable address, telephone line, fax number and email address).


Bidders will be evaluated based on the following set of criteria and weighted score:

  1. Competitive pricing- 30%
  2. Quality of Technical work (Ability to provide references and samples of similar work)-                                                                         40%
  3. Appropriate and timely milestones table- 15%
  4. Responsiveness to RFP specification - 15%


Responses to this RFP should be submitted online

Responses must be received no later than 5:00 pm GMT on 29/06.2021. Proposals received after this date and time may not be accepted and shall be considered non-responsive.  AfHEA will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by return email.

Acknowledgement of receipt of this RFP and any questions or requests for clarification must be submitted in writing to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.  on or before 22/06/2021

Feedback and answers to inquiries will be shared with all applicants on or before 25/06/2021


Bids must remain valid for sixty (60) calendar days from the closing date of the RFP.

Award will be made to the Vendor who best meets the specifications in this RFP.


AfHEA will analyze the offers and make a decision as soon as is administratively possible.  All bidders will be notified of the outcome and the successfully bidder will be offered a fixed price technical services contract.


This RFP represents only a definition of requirements. It is merely an invitation for submission of proposals and does not legally obligate AfHEA to accept any of the submitted proposals in whole or in part, nor is AfHEA obligated to select the lowest priced proposal. AfHEA reserves the right to negotiate with any or all firms, both with respect to price, cost and/or scope of services. AfHEA has no contractual obligations with any firms based upon issuance of this RFP. It is not an offer to contract. Only the execution of a written contract shall obligate AfHEA in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in such contract.

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