Title Category Author Hits
Universal Health Coverage by Design: ICT-enabled solutions are the future of equitable, quality health care and resilient health systems UHC Complementary Initiatives S. L. Roth, Mark; Parry, Jane 840
Universal Health Coverage and the Right to Health: From Legal Principle to Post-2015 Indicators UHC Complementary Initiatives D. Sridhar, M. McKee, G. Ooms, C. Beiersmann, E. Friedman, H. Gouda, P. Hill and A. Jahn 857
Trends in Glaucoma Medication Expenditures under Universal Health Coverage: A National Population-Based Longitudinal Survey in Taiwan UHC Complementary Initiatives S.-L. Chiu, C.-L. Chu, C.-H. Muo, C.-L. Chen and S.-J. Lan 808
Towards universal coverage: a policy analysis of the development of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria Health Insurance C. A. Onoka, K. Hanson and J. Hanefeld 978
Toward Universal Coverage in Afghanistan: A Multi-stakeholder Assessment of Capacity Investments in the Community Health Worker System UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Edward, C. Branchini, I. Aitken, M. Roach, K. Osei-Bonsu and S. H. Arwal 908
Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative evidence on non-financial access barriers: implications for assessment at the district level Access - UHC T. S. O'Connell, K. J. A. Bedford, M. Thiede and D. McIntyre 828
Rural Americans face greater lack of healthcare access Access - UHC M. O'TOOLE 838
A Review of Realizing the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Goals by 2030: Part 2- What is the Role of eHealth and Technology? UHC Complementary Initiatives R. Hussein 985
Public Financing for Health Coverage in India: Who Spends, Who Benefits and At What Cost? UHC Complementary Initiatives I. Gupta and S. Chowdhury 842
Political Economy of Pursuing the Expansion of Social Protection in Health in Mexico UHC Complementary Initiatives O. Gómez-Dantés, M. R. Reich and F. Garrido-Latorre 845
Place as a predictor of health insurance coverage: A multivariate analysis of counties in the United States Health Insurance L. C. Stone, B. Boursaw, S. P. Bettez, T. Larzelere Marley and H. Waitzkin 792
The Path Toward Universal Health Coverage: Stakeholder Acceptability of a Primary Care Health Benefits Package in Lebanon UHC Complementary Initiatives R. Yassoub, M. Alameddine and S. Saleh 704
Long-Term Care Financing: Lessons From France UHC Complementary Initiatives P. Doty, P. Nadash and N. Racco 700
Hospital Utilization and Universal Health Insurance Coverage: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Care Reform Act Health Insurance A. Cseh, B. Koford and R. Phelps 767
Health insurance for people with citizenship problems in Thailand: a case study of policy implementation Health Insurance R. Suphanchaimat, K. Kantamaturapoj, N. Pudpong, W. Putthasri and A. Mills 663
Health insurance coverage and healthcare utilization among infants of mothers in the national methadone maintenance treatment program in Taiwan Health Insurance S.-Y. Fang, N. Huang, T. Lin, I.-K. Ho and C.-Y. Chen 639
Financing universal health coverage by cutting fossil fuel subsidies UHC Complementary Initiatives V. Gupta, R. Dhillon and R. Yates 645
Financing Healthcare for all in India: Towards a Common Goal UHC Complementary Initiatives C. O. Kurian 660
Financing for Health Coverage in India: Issues and Concerns UHC Complementary Initiatives I. Gupta and S. Chowdhury 613
Exposing some important barriers to health care access in the rural USA Access - UHC N. Douthit, S. Kiv, T. Dwolatzky and S. Biswas 832
A concise, health service coverage index for monitoring progress towards universal health coverage UHC Complementary Initiatives W. W. a. C. A. Anthony Leegwater1 752
Changes in addressing inequalities in access to hospital care in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states of India: a difference-in-differences study using repeated cross-sectional surveys Equity - UHC M. Rao, A. Katyal, P. V. Singh, A. Samarth, S. Bergkvist, M. Kancharla, A. Wagstaff, G. Netuveli and A. Renton 540
The attack on universal health coverage in Europe: recession, austerity and unmet needs UHC Complementary Initiatives A. Reeves, M. McKee and D. Stuckler 579
The attack on universal health coverage in Europe: different effects in different parts of Europe UHC Complementary Initiatives B. Burström 571
Access to Medicine in Public Hospitals and Some Crucial Management Issues Access - UHC S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Dutta and A. Ghose 630
WIP debate on the Post 2015 Health Goals: Universal Health Coverage and Women’s Health identified top of the agenda UHC Complementary Initiatives T. Fillis 719
Who benefits from removing user fees for facility-based delivery services? Evidence on socioeconomic differences from Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone UHC Complementary Initiatives B. McKinnon, S. Harper and J. S. Kaufman 728
The Way forward for Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme in Funding Health Care among the Rural Communities of Sokoto State, Nigeria Health Insurance I. T. Garba, A. Harun and A. A. Salihu 748
Universal health coverage: progressive taxes are key UHC Complementary Initiatives R. Yates 709
Universal health coverage in the Philippines : progress on financial protection goals UHC Complementary Initiatives C. Bredenkamp and L. R. Buisman 775

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