2009 AfHEA Conference Programme Outline (Oral Presentations)

Plenary 1 Speaker



Main conference hall Adae Kesie
Official opening ceremony
Opening speech by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr John D Mahama


Parallel session 1 (Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00)
PS 01/1 User Fees in Zambia: behaviour and experiences of communities and health care providers
Mary Hadley, Collins Chansa
Mary Hadley
PS 01/2 Does the free delivery and caesarean policy in Senegal offset user fees constraints in reproductive health?
Sophie Witter, Amadou Hassan Sylla, Thierno Dieng, Daouda Mbengue, Vincent de Brouwere, Isabelle Moreira
Daouda Mbengue
PS 01/3 To Alter or Not to Alter: The Fate of User Fee Exemptions for Vulnerable Groups Under National Health Insurance
Mr. Patrick Apoya, Theophilus Ayugane, Elizabeth Awini
Patrick Apoya
PS 01/4 Twenty stories behind the policy… a case-study approach to evaluate the impact of user fee removal in the health sector
Barbara Carasso, Caesar Cheelo, Nicholas Chikwenya, Lucy Gilson, Dick Jonsson, Natasha Palmer, Chris Simoonga
Barbara Carasso
PS 01 / Room: Hogbetsotso
Benefit incidence of health services
PS 01/5 Public spending on health care in Africa: a benefit incidence analysis of Ghana, Tanzania & South Africa
B. Garshong, J. Ataguba, F. Kessy, J. Borghi, D. McIntyre, F. Meheus
B. Garshong
PS 01/6 Barriers to Antiretroviral Therapy in Malawi: An assessment of socioeconomic inequalities
Talumba Chilipaine-Banda, Eyob Zere, Bertha Simwaka, Amit Prasad, Erik Schouten, Ireen Makwiza
Talumba Chilipaine-Banda
PS 01/7 Socioeconomic inequalities in treatment and prevention of malaria in Tanga district, Tanzania
Fred Matovu, Faculty of Economics and Management, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
Fred Matovu
PS 01 / Room: Kundum
Economic evaluation
PS 01/8 Cost effectiveness analysis of the training of medical doctors in emergency surgery compared to alternative training strategies for improving access to emergency obstetric care in Burkina Faso
Dr Sennen Hounton, Danielle Belemsaga, David Newlands, Nicolas Meda, Vincent de Brouwere
Dr Sennen Hounton
PS 01/9 Economic Evaluation of Flying Doctor Services in KZN – South Africa
Emmanuelle Daviaud, M. Chopra
Emmanuelle Daviaud
PS 01/10 Cost of management of persons living with HIV/AIDS study in 3 associations in Bujumbura (Burundi)
Adrien Renaud, Dr Basenya Olivier
Dr Basenya Olivier
PS 01/11 The financial contribution of the State to the fight against the river blindness in Cameroon
Njoumemi Zakariaou, Ntep Marcelline, Epo Boniface Ngah
Epo Boniface Ngah
LUNCH 13:00- 14:00  

Parallel session 2 (Tuesday, 14:00 – 15:30)
PS 02 / Room: Adae Kesie
Financing and policy

PS 02/1 Improving Equity in the Subsidies for Healthcare in South Africa
Heather McLeod
Heather McLeod
PS 02/2 Equitable Financing of Primary Health Care under a Fiscal Federal System: Swimming Against the Tide?
Okore Okorafor
Okore Okorafor
PS 02/3 The Impact of Coordination and Policy Networks on the National Health Insurance Policy in Ghana
Gina Teddy
Gina Teddy
PS 02 / Room: Hogbetsotso
HIV/AIDS: Financing and reporting research results
PS 02/4 HIV/AIDS financing and health policy in South Africa
C. Tsafack Temah
C. Tsafack Temah
PS 02/5 Harmonisation and Alignment of Aid for HIV and AIDS – Progress in the Southern African Development Community since the Paris Declaration
Teresa Guthrie
Teresa Guthrie
PS 02/6 Too much of a good thing? The effects of new HIV/AIDS financing mechanisms on overall health system performance
Karen A Grépin
Karen A Grépin
PS 02 / Room: Kundum
Preferences and willingness to pay
PS 02/7 Using discrete choice experiments to elicit preferences for maternal health care in Ghana
Laura Ternent, Aba Daniels, David Newlands
David Newlands
PS 02/8 Willingness to Pay for Health Care and Antiretroviral Drugs: Evidence from Rural Southern Region of Malawi
Tchaka Ndhlovu
Tchaka Ndhlovu
PS 02/9 Perceptions and willingness to pay for private voluntary health insurance in southeast Nigeria
Obinna Onwujekwe and Edit V. Velényi
Obinna Onwujekwe



Plenary 2: Tuesday

Main conference hall: Adae Kesie
– George Dzakpallah – From SWAP to General Budget Support: Ghana’s experience of pooling, harmonization and alignment
– Ras Boateng – Ghana’s National Health Insurance System: design, implementation and perspectives
Chair: Dr Moses Adibo, ex-Deputy Minister of Health, Ghana




Wednesday 11 March 2009, PLENARY 3

Main conference hall: Adae Kesie
The business case for private investment in Africa’s health sector
Session organizer : Alex Preker
PLUS Response from Max Lawson, Oxfam UK

Plenary 4: Wednesday | USER FEE COMPETITION PRESENTATIONS | 10:00-11:00
PL 04/1 The right price for health!
Aida Zerbo
Aida Zerbo
PL 04/2 Socio-economic study on the costs and financial accessibility of population groups to health care in Eastern Chad
Morbé Mbaïnadjina Ngartelbaye, Dr Itama Mayikuli Christian, M. Naïbei Mbaïbardoum Nathan
Morbé Mbaïnadjina Ngartelbaye
PL 04/3 User fees in Africa: from theory and evidence, what next?
Araoyinbo, Idowu D., Ataguba, John E.
PL 04/4 User Fees for Health Services in Africa.
Anne Kangethe
Anne Kangethe
PL 04/5 When user fee is a necessity of life: what role for policy in Uganda?
Charles Birungi
Charles Birungi

Parallel session 3 (Wednesday, 11:30 – 13:00)

PS 03 / Room: Adae Kesie
Consequences of out-of-pocket payments

PS 03/1 Examining catastrophic costs and benefit incidence of subsidized anti-retroviral treatment (ART) in south-east Nigeria
Obinna Onwujekwe, Nkem Dike, Benjamin Uzochukwu, Chinwe Chukwuka, Chima Onoka, Anselem Onyedum
Obinna Onwujekwe
PS 03/2 The economic burden of malaria in Kenya: a household level investigation
Urbanus Kioko
Urbanus Kioko
PS 03/3 Impact of a community based health insurance scheme on household costs for institutional delivery in Nouna district, Burkina Faso
Dr Sennen Hounton, David Newlands
Dr Sennen Hounton
PS 03 / Room: Hogbetsotso
Maternal health and quality of care
PS 03/4 Evaluation of a quality process at the community level: USAID Keneya Ciwara 2003 – 2008 Health Programme
Oumar Ouattara, Kwamy Togbey, Uwe Korus
Oumar Ouattara
PS 03/5 The effect of maternal morbidity on productivity: a household level analysis in Ghana
David Newlands, Paul McNamee, Cornilius Chikwama, Felix Asante
David Newlands
PS 03/6 An economic evaluation of a delivery fee exemption policy on maternal and child health outcomes in Ghana
Karen A. Grépin
Karen A. Grépin
PS 03 / Room: Kundum
Human resources for health
PS 03/7 Health delivery complements and health worker emigration from Africa
Eric Keuffel
Eric Keuffel
PS 03/8 Measuring Health Worker Motivation in District Hospitals in Kenya
Patrick Mbindyo, Dr. Duane Blaauw, Prof. Lucy Gilson, Dr. Mike English
Patrick Mbindyo
PS 03/9 Trend of remuneration and motivation of the health workforce in Burkina Faso
F. Y. Bocoum, S. Kouanda, R. Guissou, C. Dao/Diallo, B. Sondo
F. Y. Bocoum
LUNCH 13:00-14:00  

Parallel session 4 (Wednesday, 14:00 – 15:30)

PS 04 / Room: Adae Kesie
Community and national health insurance

PS 04/1 Contractual arrangements between Community Health Insurance schemes and health care providers as a means to improve the quality of care: an overview in sub-Saharan Africa
Ndiaye Pascal, Lefèvre Pierre, Vanlerberghe Veerle, Criel Bart
Ndiaye Pascal
PS 04/2 From Community to National Health Insurance: A new Approach to Social health Insurance in Africa?
Bocar M Daff, Naomi Tlotlego, Chris Atim, A Adomah
Bocar M Daff
PS 04/3 Financing Outpatient Care – Kenyan Experience
Chacha Marwa
Chacha Marwa
PS 04 / Room: Hogbetsotso
Economics and Policy Research to Improve Malaria Control
Session organizer: Catherine Goodman
PS 04/4 Free Distribution or Cost-Sharing? Evidence from a Randomized Malaria Prevention Experiment
Jessica Cohen, Pascaline Dupas
Jessica Cohen
PS 04/5 Piloting the global subsidy: The impact of subsidized distribution of artemisinin-based combination therapies through private drug shops on consumer uptake and retail price in rural Tanzania
Oliver Sabot, Alex Mwita, Margareth Ndomondo-Sigonda, Justin Cohen, Megumi Gordon, David Bishop, Moses Odhiambo, Yahya Ipuge, Lorrayne Ward, Catherine Goodman
Catherine Goodman
PS 04/6 Importance of strategic management in the implementation of private medicine retailer programmes: Case studies from three districts in Kenya
Timothy Abuya, Greg Fegan, Abdinasir Amin, Abdisalan Noor, Sassy Molyneux , Simon Akhwale, Robert Snow, Lucy Gilson, Vicki Marsh
Timothy Abuya
PS 04 / Room: Kundum
HIV/AIDS: Financing and reporting health research results
PS 04/7 Commodity forecasting for the scaling up of the ART for the treatment of HIV/AIDS in both public and private sectors in Kenya
Korir, J and Kioko, U.
Korir, J
PS 04/8 Tracking Expenditure for HIV and AIDS in Africa: a cross-country comparative study
Urbanus Kioko, Teresa Guthrie
Teresa Guthrie
PS 04/9 Resource Allocations for HIV and AIDS in Ghana ~ Alignment with the National Strategic Priorities
Asante, F., Pokuu, A., Ahiadeke, C., Guthrie, T.
Asante, F

Plenary 5: Wednesday

Main conference hall: Adae Kesie
International health financing mechanisms


PL 05/1 Resource Allocations for HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa ~ Are Funds being Aligned to National Strategic Priorities? A cross-country comparative study
Guthrie, T., Kioko, U., Chitama, D., Banda, P., Chitsomia, A., Madadume, B.
Guthrie, T
PL 05/2 Are current debt relief initiatives an option for scaling up health financing in beneficiary countries?
Mr Miloud Kaddar, Ms Eliane Furrer
Mr Miloud Kaddar
PL 05/3 Global Action for Health System Strengthening: The key financing challenges
Dr Ravindra P. Rannan-Eliya
Dr Ravindra P. Rannan-Eliya
Main conference hall: Adae Kesie

Thursday 12 March 2009

Plenary 6: Thursday
Main conference hall: Adae Kesie
The health economist as a member of the health planning team: the role of health economics in the design, planning and implementation of health policy in Africa
Key note speaker: Dr. Marty Makinen

Parallel session 5 (Thursday, 09:30 – 11:00)

PS 05 / Room: Adae Kesie
Insurance and affordability issues

PS 05/1 Distance mediates the effect of removing financial barriers to accessing care: results of a randomized controlled trial in Ghana
Evelyn Ansah, Kara Hanson, Solomon Narh Bana, Brian Greenwood, Anne Mills, Christopher Whitty
Evelyn Ansah
PS 05/2 A Comparison of fee exemptions and health insurance for providing financial access to primary clinical care for children under five in Ghana
Richard A Nagai, Irene Akua Agyepong
Irene Akua Agyepong
PS 05/3 Costing the Provision of Health for All in rural Tanzania and Ghana and implications for social health insurance premium pricing
Joel Negin, Maame Nketsiah, Samuel Afram, Eric Akosah, Deusdedit Mjungu, Gerson Nyadzi
Joel Negin
PS 05 / Room: Hogbetsotso
Microeconomic techniques and issues
PS 05/4 Substitution effects in household demand for antimalarial bed nets in a rural are of southern Mozambique
Claire Chase, Elisa Sicuri, Charfudin Sacoor, Ariel Nhacolo, Clara Menéndez
Claire Chase
PS 05/5 Optimizing efficiency gains – A situational analysis of technical efficiency of hospitals in Ghana
Caroline Jehu-Appiah, Frank Nyonator, Martin Adjuik, Selassi D’Almeida, James Akazili, Charles Acquah, Eyob Zere
Caroline Jehu-Appiah
PS 05/6 Does Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme Encourage Moral Hazard? An Approach using Matching Estimation
Eugenia Amporfu
Eugenia Amporfu
PS 05/7 An Empirical Analysis of Cigarettes Demand in Kenya: New Health Policy Perspective
Scholastica Achieng Odhiambo
Scholastica Achieng Odhiambo
PS 05 / Room: Kundum
Drugs / Medicines: economics and policy
PS 05/8 Providing affordable essential medicines for African households: The missing policies and institutions for price containment
Ebenezer Kwabena
Ebenezer Kwabena
PS 05/9 The Economic costs associated with Irrational Prescribing in children: Implications for reducing Childhood Mortality in South east Nigeria
BSC Uzochukwu, Dr BSC Uzochukwu, Onwujekwe OE, Nwobi EA, Ezeoke U, Chukwuogo OI.
Dr BSC Uzochukwu
PS 05/10 Patent medicines vendors – a resource for tuberculosis case detection
Dr. Obi, Ikechukwu Emmanuel, Professor Onwasigwe C. N.
Dr. Obi
BREAK 11:00- 11:30  

Parallel session 6 (Thursday, 11:30 – 13:00)

PS 06 / Room: Adae Kesie
New trends and debates in international health financing

PS 06/1 Towards equitable and sustainable health financing systems through coordinated international effort. Proposed pathways of the Providing for Health (P4H) initiative
Dr. Varatharajan Durairaj
Dr. Varatharajan Durairaj
PS 06/2 African health priorities and the new international health financing mechanisms
Moustapha Sakho
Moustapha Sakho
PS 06/3 Can we wean African countries off donor funding?
Joses Muthuri Kirigia & Alimata J. Diarra-Nama
Joses Muthuri Kirigia
PS 06 / Room: Hogbetsotso
Facility funding, Costing and Budgeting of health services
PS 06/4 Estimating the health cost of the new born, the mother and the child as part of the strategy for the capacity building of the health system DR Congo
Dieudonné KWETE, Narcisse TONA , Mathias MOSSOKO
Dieudonné KWETE
PS 06/5 Assessing the implementation and effects of direct facility funding in health centres & dispensaries in Coast Province, Kenya
Catherine Goodman, Antony Opwora, Margaret Kabare and Sassy Molyneux
Catherine Goodman
PS 06/6 Household costs estimate of hospital care for low birth weight infants in a rural area of southern Mozambique
Elisa Sicuri, Claire Chase, Ariel Nhacolo, Charfudin Sacoor, Delino Nhalungo, Maria Maixenchs, Clara Menéndez
Elisa Sicuri
PS 06 / Room: Kundum
Public health research issues: measurement of health; community based health services; prescription practices; and determinants
PS 06/7 The challenge of measuring need for health care in household surveys
F. Meheus, D. McIntyre, M. Aikins, J. Goudge, O. Okorafor, M. Ally, N. Nxumalo, B. Garshong
F. Meheus
PS 06/8 The river blindness control programme among farming communities in Benue state: an assessment of community-directed distributors of ivermectin in the north-central zone of Nigeria.
PS 06/9 A comparison of prescribing practices for the treatment of malaria in public and private health facilities in southeast Nigeria
Pharm. Nzewi Ifeoma, Uzochukwu BSC, Onwujekwe OE, Ezeoke U, Chukwuogo OI
Pharm. Nzewi Ifeoma
PS 06/10 Child Health in Nigeria: An Empirical investigation of determinants
Ataguba, John E; Ichoku, Hyacinth E; and Okorafor, Okore
Hyacinth E
LUNCH 13:00- 14:00  

Plenary 7: Thursday 14:00- 15:00

Main conference hall: Adae Kesie
Neglected tropical diseases: The financing challenges
Key note speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Leslie, Health Economist, Imperial College, London




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