2011 Conference Presentations

Abstract Book
Overview of Agenda Detailed Agenda

Day 1
Parallel session 1

Assurance Maladie au Rwanda Laurent Musango.ppt C3_PS01_09_pres03_Basile Keugoung
C3_PS01_07_pres01_Identifying the poor Ghana revised C3_PS01_10_pres04 Newlands, Ukandu
C3_PS01_08_pres02_AfHEA Scaling up Community Based Health Insurance Scheme Progressivity of the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Eugenia Amporfu
Free care findings in Sudan – AfHEA Removal of User fees for MCH_BSC
Moving toward universal coverage AS Ataguba McIntyre  
Day 1
Parallel session 2
Out-of-Pocket Spending on TB and HIV Infections Financement des systèmes de santé-WHR-Saly
C3_PS02_10_pres01_Bertone-Meessen_institutional economic analysis_Burundi Fonds d’Achat des Sservices de Santé RDC Eddy Zola
C3_PS02_11_pres02_Falisse & al. community participation AfHEA 2011  Modelling SA Pr Di Mcintyre
Health care financing Cameroon Isidore.pptx Skilled care at birth in Namibia – Eyob
MLI RH financing AfHEA  
Day 1
Plenary\Opening Ceremony


AfHEA Opening Speech v4


Slides for ED Opening ceremony report

Day 2
General Assembly
AfHEA Assembly Report 2011 AfHEA Gen Assembly 2011
Agenda of the 2nd GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF AfHEA.doc  
Day 2
Parallel session 3
12_03_2011_Achat des services _Modele-PresentationOrale-Fr.ppt C3_PS03_11_pres04_Willingness to pay for Voluntary Health Insurance in Tanzania.ppt
AfHEA Hercot et al Userfee framework policy analysis-En final.pptx Evolusion of CBHI toward UC -AfHEA.pdf
AfHEA Presentation_Is free care truly free and equitable.pptx PBF AND VERTICAL PROGRAM RDC-Burundi-Ruanda AfHEA 2011_ DE BORMAN.pptx
Assurance Maladie Obligatoire Gabon AfHEA 2011 Laurent Musango.ppt PBF RDC AfHEA 2011 Makaya-Muvudi-Bertone-DeBorman.ppt
PBF Uganda AfHEA 2011_Freddie.ppt Universel Health Coverage SA AfHEA 2011_Ataguba.pptx
présention du Mali-AMESA- AfHEA.ppt User fees Burundi Manasse_AfHEA 2011.pptx
Projet pilote Christian YAO.ppt User Fees Kenya-AfHEA-March2011-Antony.pptx
The Impact of Micro-Health Insurance on the Access.pdf  
Day 2
Parallel session 4
AFHEA Conference presentation_PATH MVI_ Version March 16th.pptx KOUDOU-Orale-Fr.pptx
J2_C3_PS04_11_pres04.pptx Presentation Afhea R.GUISSOU 16 mars.pptx
PS04 10 dépenses du paludisme AfHEA 2011.ppt Vincent Okungu Waiting for chloroquine.ppt
Day 2
Parallel session 5
AfHEA 2011 Presentation.pptx AfHEA presentation2.JN_final2.pptx
AfHEA 2011 v1.pptx AfHEA presentation-Chijioke.pptx
Household perceptions Ghana.pptx MLI_PowerPoint_Template_French_Senegal Ndack Finale (c).ppt
Day 2
Plenary\Presentation of associations & networks
ASEPS Sénégal AFHEA 2011.ppt CoBES Burkina Faso-AfHEA 2011.ppt
CESCI- Côte d’Ivoire-AfHEA 2011.ppt WAHEN_AfHEA 2011.ppt
NiHEA_Nigeria AfHEA 2011.ppt  
Day 3
Parallel session 6
Accès universel AfHEA 2011_Sylvain Nkwenkeu.pptx Couverture sanitaire universelle Sénégal AfHEA 2011 Maguette Guèye.ppt
AfHEA Evelyn2011.ppt Equité et financement de la santé au Sénégal Aboulaye Baldé UCAD AfHEA 2011.pptx
Balance scorecard Ethiopia AfHEA 2011- Rahel Gizaw.ppt Okorafor_AfHEA Oral Presentation_15 March.pptx
Makinen Ghana presentation AfHEA template.pptx Universal Coverage.ppt
MLI PowerPoint Template French.ppt  
Day 3
Accès financier aux services de santé AfHEA 2011 Alice NTAMWISHIMIRO.pptx Cesag Economie de la santé AfHEA 2011 Amani.pptx
Atelier CoP FA_V4.pptx Emerging Voices AFHEA 2011 David Hercot.pptx
Besoins de Recherche AfHEA 2011 François Diop.ppt Presentation Economie de la santé Saly 17 mars 2011 Amani.pptx
IDRC_eng_AfHEA_17 March 2011.pptx Presentation EV for AFHEA.pptx
Key messages from 2011 AfHEA final Pr DI.pptx