AfHEA prepares for next Conference

Discussion on the upcoming Sixth AfHEA Scientific Conference is underway. A decision was taken to shift the conference from 2021 to 2022 due to some factors including the impact of Covid-19 on meetings and conferences as well as the other key international events being planned for 2021, which could adversely affect the AfHEA conference.

The Board having approved the decision to hold the conference in 2022, preparations for the conference have already started. The conference concept note outline has been developed to guide the organization of the conference.

Other key conference preparatory activities that are expected to be executed in 2021 include selection of host country and venue, selection of conference theme and sub-themes, publication of a call for abstracts submission, scenario analysis of the different possible forms to organize this conference amidst the Covid-19 disease among other things.  2021 thus promises to be a very busy year for AfHEA given the enormous task involved in preparing for the upcoming conference.

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