Pre-conference Workshops

What is a pre-conference workshop?
Pre-conference workshops are an important component of AfHEA conferences. Colleagues will be invited to submit expressions of interest to host pre-conference workshops at the AfHEA 2016 Conference. Pre-conference workshops will be held on the day before formal conference proceedings start, that is, on 26 September 2016.

How should the expression of interest be formatted?

The format of the pre-conference workshop expression of interest should include:  

  • Pre-conference workshop title
  • Presenters
    • Contact person: Full names, affiliation, address, telephone numbers, email address
    • Other presenters: Full names, affiliation, address, telephone numbers, email address
  • Description of the pre-conference workshop: Describe your pre-conference workshop in 500 words or less including 3 learning objectives for your proposed session
  • Intended audience: For whom is this pre-conference workshop intended?
  • Presenter(s) background/biography: Provide a brief biography addressing the presenter(s) qualifications for leading the proposed pre-conference workshop
  • Materials provided: Describe any hand-outs or other materials that will be provided to attendees
  • Agenda for the pre-conference workshop: Please provide a draft outline of your workshop, including time-frames for each activity.
  • Audio/visual and computer requirements: Indicate your A/V requirements, such as wireless access, extra power outlets, microphone, digital projector, overhead projector, flip charts and pens, whiteboards, etc. Please note that certain A/V materials and equipment will be available for all workshops. Specialty items may require funds to be raised to cover additional costs.
  • Space and enrolment restrictions: Please tell us the maximum number of participants that you can accommodate. If no limit is specified, we will assume a cap of 30 participants.

How to submit a pre-conference workshop expression of interest

All pre-conference workshop expressions of interest have to be submitted via the AfHEA Conference website. Special fees apply for such events.

Contact information
Contact AfHEA Secretary, Ms. Grace Njeri at for any queries related to pre-conference workshop expressions of interest.

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