AfHEA appoints Naomi Setshegetso as Executive Committee Member

AfHEA appoints Dr Naomi Setshegetso as Executive Committee Member responsible for Business Development

The Executive Committee of AfHEA has appointed Dr. Naomi Setshegetso as the Deputy Executive Director with responsibility for overseeing Business Development. Dr. Setshegetso will be taking up the role in place of Ms. Grace Njeri (the AfHEA Secretary) who had been acting as the Deputy Director in charge of Institutional Development. Dr. Naomi is switching roles with Mr. Pascal Ndiaye (who had previously been the Deputy Director for Business Development).

The appointment is part of the ongoing transition that AfHEA has been undertaking since the 2016 Conference, which involved making changes to the Executive Committee as well as instituting a new Board of Trustees.

Dr. Setshegetso holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Pretoria, and is a senior lecturer at the University of Botswana, Department of Economics. She is also an established researcher with a number of publications in her name.

Dr. Setshegetso has been an active member of AfHEA since its inception in 2009, and has previously served as the regional advisor for Southern African region on a voluntary basis. Her interests in partnerships and networks’ management as well as business development will be valuable to AfHEA at a time when AfHEA is striving to be self-sustaining.

As Deputy Executive Director overseeing Business Development she will assist the Executive Director (ED) and the Director of Operations (currently being recruited) in the execution of their responsibilities for developing new businesses including seeking new partnerships, developing policies and processes for resource mobilization and advising on how to improve areas of weaknesses.

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