Health Economics Association of Cameroon (HEAC) joins AfHEA as Institutional Member

Health Economics Association of Cameroon (HEAC) joins AfHEA as Institutional Member

The Health Economics Association of Cameroon (HEAC), which was formed in 2020, has recently joined the African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA) as an institutional member. Leadership of the association noted that they see AfHEA as a mother organization and they were looking forward to be nurtured by AfHEA to grow and function effectively and deliver on its objectives. Dr Kinga Bertila leads the association as the Chairperson of HEAC. The Vice Chair is Dr Promise Aseh Muteh while the General Secretary is Dr  Mercy A. Mbacham Tah-Monunde.


AfHEA information for HEAC

Health Economics Association of Cameroon (HEAC)

Association d’Economie de la Santé de Cameroun

About the Health Economics Association of Cameroon

The Health Economics Association of Cameroon (HEAC) is a bilingual (English and French), Non-Profit, Non-Governmental and Non-Partisan Association governed by Law No. 90/53 of 19th December 1990 governing the creation of associations in Cameroon. It was created in December 2020 and officially launched on the 15th of March 2021 in the headquarters in  Bamenda, Cameroon.  The overall mission of HEAC is to promote the activities of Health Economists in Cameroon  through the promotion of efficient, effective and equitable use of health resources in Cameroon in particular and Africa and the World at large. Its membership includes over 50 Health Economics, and Health experts from Cameroon resident within and outside the continent.

The objectives of HEAC are:

  • To establish friendly relationship and communication amongst Health Economists in Cameroon, African and the world.
  • To promote the activities of Health Economist in Cameroon.
  • Carry out research that can inform policy makers in Cameroon and Africa.
  • To create professional affiliations with similar associations in Africa and the world.
  • To promote the job of  Health Economists in Cameroon
  • Promote health insurance for Cameroonians


The activities of HEAC are:

  • Organize seminars aimed at promoting the judicious use and distribution of health resources in Cameroon.
  •  Organize monthly meeting to create a strong network for Health Economists in Cameroon
  • Carry out  research on current debates related to Health Economics in Cameroon and Africa
  • Assist young health economist in school with technical advice to ease the completion of their studies.
  • Lobby for network with other associations of health economists in Africa and the world at large
  • Elaborate a school project for health Economist in Cameroon
  • Produce a framework with possible area of employment and job openings for health economists.
  • Policy advocacy for Health Economics research findings in Cameroon


Email and contacts

P.O. Box 827 Mankon Bamenda, Cameroon



Dr Kinga Bertila

Chair HEAC

Phone (+237) 676453224,



Dr Promise Aseh Munteh

Vice Chair HEAC

Pnone: (+23)767993463



Dr  Mercy A. Mbacham Tah-Monunde

Secretary General HEAC

Phone: (+237) 677601068


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