IDRC supports AfHEA on EcASaRH Research Project

International Development Research Centre supports AfHEA on Economics of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions in selected West African countries (EcASaRH) Research Project

The African Health Economics and Policy Association (AfHEA) is implementing a project funded by the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC). This project aims to address a critical health sector knowledge gap relating to adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) in West Africa, specifically Ghana and Senegal. The project titled: Economics of adolescent sexual and reproductive health interventions in Ghana and Senegal (EcASaRH) was signed off in February 2019 and officially kick-started in April 2019. It is to be implemented over four years (4 years). The implementation of the project is led by Prof. John E. Ataguba, the Deputy Executive Director for AfHEA in charge of Capacity Building and assisted by identified research consultants and AfHEA staff.

Among other things, this project is expected to contribute to our understanding of ASRH interventions in the context of Ghana and Senegal and in Africa as a whole. The project specifically aims to identify priority ASRH interventions in Ghana and Senegal; cost these interventions and assess the existing funding gaps for the interventions identified, and importantly formulate strategies for resource mobilisation to address the gaps.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved adolescent, sexual and reproductive health in Ghana and Senegal. Specific objectives are:

  • Identify the components of “priority” interventions with concrete and detailed implementation requirements to achieve improved ASRH in Ghana and Senegal. 
  • Cost interventions identified as ‘priority’ or effective for addressing adolescent health in Ghana and Senegal
  • Assess resource needs, funding gaps and identify financing strategies to implement priority ASRH interventions in Ghana and Senegal using a multicomponent, multi sectoral approach
  • Together with key national stakeholders, develop innovative and sustainable resource mobilisation strategies for financing priority or effective ASRH interventions in Ghana and Senegal.


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