What progress has been made towards achieving UC…

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What progress has been made towards achieving UC and what are the remaining challenges in moving towards universal coverage in Africa? To date, relatively limited progress has been made in achieving universal coverage in African countries, with a few notable exceptions (such as Rwanda and Ghana). However, the goal of moving towards universal coverage is now high on the health policy agenda in most countries and important steps are being taken in this direction.In particular, many countries have sought to … Read More

Why is universal coverage important for African countries?

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Distribution of DALYs according major causes of ill-health and premature death (Africa compared with global average)

African countries face the greatest burden of disease in the world; while the population in low- and middle-income countries in Africa account for 11% of the world’s population, these countries account for 27% of global disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). Figure 1 shows that African countries have a far greater burden from communicable diseases, maternal and perinatal conditions and nutritional deficiencies (accounting for 76% of DALYs in Africa) than the global average (45% of global DALYs). The leading contributors to this … Read More

Key issues from the 2011 AfHEA conference

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This policy brief is produced by AfHEA and draws on the proceedings of the Second AfHEA conference, held in Saly – Senegal from 15 to 17 March 2011. It is supplemented by relevant literature where necessary. It was compiled by Drs Irene Agyepong, Chris Atim, Francois Diop, Travor Mabugu, Diane McIntyre and Alice Soumare. Contents Why is universal coverage important for African countries? What progress has been made towards achieving UC and what are the remaining challenges in moving towards … Read More

Welcome statement from Executive Director

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Welcome to AfHEA’s new web site! I hope you will agree the new site is more pleasant and easier to navigate. This is part of a program of redevelopment of the web site as well as of AfHEA’s system of producing and using electronic information. It will include more interactive elements and specifically, under a separate contract with a research firm currently being recruited under competitive bidding, the dissemination of state of the art research as well as grey literature … Read More

Deadline for conference registrations: Feb 28

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We now have just over a month to go for the conference and our partners in Kenya. especially the venue hotel, have asked for the participants’ list by March 1st in order to facilitate their logistics arrangements. We are therefore asking all who are intending to come to the conference to fill in and return their registration forms by Feb 28 at the latest. This includes those who are still awaiting funding, it would suffice to indicate that you are … Read More

Pre-Conference Training Workshops

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University of Washington training on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

This intensive 1-day workshop aims to prepare those with some experience in cost-effectiveness and health economics to conduct modelled health economic evaluations using extended cost-effectiveness analysis (ECEA) methodologies. Beyond providing researchers with the tools to measure equity and financial risk protection as part of their evaluations, the workshop will lay the groundwork for the formation of collaborative research teams between participants and the facilitators that will prepare policy-relevant ECEA analyses in the coming months and years.

2009 AfHEA Conference Programme Outline (Oral Presentations)

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Plenary 1 Speaker 09:00-11:00   Main conference hall Adae KesieOfficial opening ceremonyOpening speech by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Mr John D Mahama   11:00-11:30 BREAK / FAMILY PHOTO / POSTER PRESENTATIONS   Parallel session 1 (Tuesday, 11:30 – 13:00) PS 01/1 User Fees in Zambia: behaviour and experiences of communities and health care providersMary Hadley, Collins Chansa Mary Hadley PS 01/2 Does the free delivery and caesarean policy in Senegal offset user fees constraints … Read More